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"The Best Time to Start a Work at Home Business is NOW"

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The current condition is our society makes it the perfect time for starting a business. Below are 6 Reasons why NOW is the Best Time to Start Your Home Business:

1. An Online Business Opportunity is Very Affordable
Early in our country's development, all someone needed to be in business was some land. The government would give free land for people to start a business in agriculture. When the industrial age began, it took a lot more to start a business. You needed real estate, buildings for stores or factories, employees and equipment to start the business and this took a huge amount of money.

It's now the information age and again it requires little money to succeed in business. There are so many opportunities today that require only a phone, desk, computer and business cards. The computer really opens up the opportunity to own your own home-based business.

HOME BUSINESS FACT: It costs almost nothing to begin selling products or services on the Internet. Learn how to design web sites, participate in free affiliate programs, and learn how to market online.

2. You May be Fired from Your Job at any Time
Most people don't start a home business because they need the security of a steady paycheck provided by a job. They are scared of the risks. But today, you can't even work for Microsoft, banks, IBM, Dell, auto factories and feel secure. These companies have laid off hundreds of thousands of employees, even if they are profitting. No traditional jobs are secure today, even if you are the best employee. New bosses, mergers, and outsourcing are contributing to these massive layoffs. In this new world, it's actually safer to work for yourself instead of some big business company. You won't fire yourself!

3. Being an Employee is Not Fun
If you are creative and you work for someone else, you are most likely frustrated and feel your talents are not realized. You realize that a small percentage of people are doing in real work and you are tired of the wasted meetings before anything is ever accomplished. I worked for an engineering company for 10 years and rarely felt my efforts went towards anything productive. I felt that office politics took precedence over the actual work.

If you start your own work at home business, you are definitely needed immediately when you begin. You will most definitely realize that your efforts result in success or failure. It's not staff meetings and office politics that will determine the outcome. It's the hard work, decision making and motivation that determines your success.

More and more large businesses are making their employees feel inadequate and/or laying them off. In turn, more and more entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses.

4. The Tax Advantages
Owning your own business provides the best of all tax shelters. Any money spent in an attempt to generate sales for your business is tax deductible. Many entrepreneurs write off their houses, cars, travel, and even entertainment. I paid very little taxes the first couple of years as a home business owner. I learned that almost everything I did was an expense to generate income in my business. I even have my wife and kids work for me and pay them a salary which is 100% tax deductible. I have my wife type and my young children file and clean my home office.

5. The Economy's Health is No Factor
A good economy is good for most businesses, but an unhealthy economy may be a better time to start your own home business. Obviously, if you start a business during an economic boom, it's easier to generate income. But if you start it when the economy is bad, you will learn ways to succeed during bad times and really capitalize when the economy booms again. A lot of businesses that start when the economy is good fail because they don't know how to manage their business when the economy is not so good.

6. The Internet has Exploded the Opportunities
The Internet has dramatically increased the number of online entrepreneurs. Before this explosion, you had to know someone to get the marketing, legal, technical or competitive resources needed to launch a home business venture. Now, you can easily access any business information online via the Internet. Anyone can tap into this information because it can be found within our government and we all have the same access to this valuable information. Whether you drive a garbage truck or you're Donald Trump, you can tap into the wealth of business information online.

Disclaimer: The information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of and/or its partners.
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