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"Frightening Facts About Most "Work at Home" Bizopps"

The Internet is filled with "Work at Home" business opportunities. Your local newspaper is plastered with advertisements for home business opportunities. You turn on your radio to hear another testimonial of how a person who was in debt became a multi-millionaire overnight. You watch TV late at night and see numerous opportunities about getting rich quickly.

The notion of working from home really starts to peek your interest. You have resisted starting your own home business for a variety of reasons, but you can no longer resist the incentive of easy money, especially when your stuck in traffic or your boss has you working on another mindless report, you think "Hey! It's time for me to find happiness and financial success through a Work at Home business! How do I start?"

The good news is that a home based business can be very lucrative. You can set your own hours which gives you the flexibility to spend time with your children. Plus, the profits are virtually limitless as long as you put forth the effort in a well informed manner. Jumping into a home based business can be the best life choice you have ever made. I know it was the best decision I ever made!

Home based businesses come in a variety of forms from stock investing to Internet marketing. You could create an online home based business built around what you are passionate about. This is where you need to be careful - while you are passionate about your business you need to be level headed about the way you go about starting your business. Why? The sad truth is that many of the "Work at Home" opportunities you see on the on the internet, TV, newspaper, and hear on the radio are scams. Scams that will take your MONEY!

As honest people, we expect other people to be honest and have our best interests at heart. This couldn't be farther from the truth for many of these programs. The fraudulent businesses prey upon our emotions and drain our bank account. I know people that have lost their precious savings because of poor judgment. Don't let this happen to you!

When I started a Work at Home business I decided that I was going to investigate several different programs and companies to root out the legitimate businesses (yes, there definitely are many legitimate businesses!) from the fraudulent ones. My findings shocked me, but I did find a solution. The solution has made me thousands of dollars in profits and has made me financially secure for the past 10 years.

My research included experimenting with hundreds of "Work at Home" programs. I made contact with opportunities through their websites. I scoured the Internet to find as many bizopps as possible. I pretended that I was interested in becoming part of their program. This didn't catch their attention right away so I tried a more extreme tactic. I explained that I was interested in actually buying their business entirely. Wow! Did that bring a reaction! Suddenly they were interested in talking to me and allowed me to review their website inside and out. (You could never get access like this just by joining their site.) This allowed me to investigate whether the opportunity was legitimate or a scam.

I was dismayed at the number of programs that had poor business models, out-dated information, broken links on their website, almost no customer support, and no chance of ever making a dime. If I had paid for this program I would have been devastated to find this lack of resources and definitely wouldn't be able to rake in the big money like they claimed.

The owners of these businesses didn't care that their programs were lacking because they already had your money. They had taken advantage of thousands of people just like us.

Here's the positive side: Not all "Work at Home" businesses are scams. Well, I've done the investigative work for you to find the BEST opportunities and I proudly present them on my website. These businesses are not only legitimate, but WILL be extremely profitable for you if you put forth the effort and time. I found this sources by contacting many happy clients that will attest to the benefits of the programs. Testimonials for these programs were not fabricated. They truly believe in the programs they have chosen.

What criteria do I look for to determine if an opportunity is legitimate?

The conclusion of my research has resulted in my highest recommendation for the following "Work at Home" businesses:

Most of the above provide a free trial, but will be charged a minimal fee if you want to truly earn a big income, but it is well worth it. I get a little discouraged at the negative press that claims a business is a scam if it costs money. If you think about it, this is a ridiculous statement. Who has ever succeeded in business without a monetary investment? The advantage to the above is that the monetary investment is small compared to most business start-up costs.

I hope that I have helped set you on the right course to a profitable home based business. I did all the research for you so you don't have to waste time and your hard earned cash dealing with dishonest programs. Take advantage of the programs I have mentioned and start your Work at Home Success today!

To Your Success!

Kevin Hass

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