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It sure would be nice to make a ton of money online with a minimal effort work at home business or work from home job. I know that you would love to have more time with their family and have a lot of extra cash in your bank account just by working a few hours a week from the comfort of your own home, and without the stressful commute to your job and a "bossy" boss hassling you every day.

Is is really possible to make a living with a work at home based business? Is there a way to make BIG money online quickly and with a small investment? Or even a large investment if the return on this investment is profitable? Most likely, you have been told YES to the previous questions by the thousands of so-called marketing experts on the internet.

You have all been told the same "money-making" claims of how these expert entrepreneurs get rich and how they can show you ways to duplicate their success whether its: mult-level network marketing, online affiliate programs, associate programs, data entry opportunities, paid surveys, direct sales, real estate investing, etc.

I have learned over the last 6 years that many of these people and work at home systems are total scams. They prey on the hopes and dreams of people that want to make a better life for themselves. You may have fallen prey to some of these work at home scams, convincing you to buy their latest "get rich quick" scam. I know I have fallen for many.

I don't know why, but I kept trying more and more of these opportunities only to be scammed again and again. That is until I decided to look even deeper into the work at home opportunities. I just knew there must be some legitimate ones!

I decided to get to the bottom of this attraction that we all have with making money with a work at home based business. I wanted to find out which ones are truly LEGITIMATE programs.

I contacted the owners of every work at home based business website I could find. I convinced the owners that I was serious about participating and had the cash to invest. Once they believed I had the cash, they were willing to give me access to the members area so I could see what I would be "buying." What I discovered from most was astounding, and very disappointing. Most provided little customer support; most sites had numerous broken links, many didn't even have a real products; and many concerned me about the legalities of the opportunity.

The bottom line on a majority of these work at home businesses: once you paid the money, you were left alone with a crappy website and no clue on how to earn real money.

I learned that these "Get Rich Quick Scams" were just that - SCAMS! And the owners didn't care as long as they were cashing in.

Here's some good news: I did find some legitimate work at home programs that are run by honest business owners where you can actually earn REAL money. They each have the potential to create a full-time income from home. These businesses actually have a large percentage of their members actually earning money. These are the home based businesses that have supported my family and I for the past 6 years.

The owners are real people who are really interested in helping you make money, and many are legitimate members of the Better Business Bureau. The websites are packed with up-to-date information and the REAL products are demanded by consumers. I contacted some of the members and found out that they were making money - some were earning extra cash to pay off debt while others were legitimate earning a 6-figure income!

The work at home businesses provided on my website usually provide a free trial so you can decide if it's a good fit for you. Some charge a minimal fee to get started, but keep in mind that no business owner ever succeeded without spending a little money.

Fortunately, I was able to locate these legitimate work at home opportunities and am happy to present them to you. I'm actually typing this information on my wireless laptop sitting by my pool and watching my kids have fun.

I wish you success and sincerely hope that my website will help you find REAL home business success!

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